The ultimate in luxury


Luxury bags are the ultimate luxury when it comes to branding your business. They complete your customer's shopping experience with the feeling of something extraordinary and delicious.

Many people think that it is expensive to buy luxury bags for your business, but it does not have to be. We have very competitive prices and have day-to-day delivery of our standard breaks.

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Shapes and colors


A luxury bag is a bag made of paper. But unlike a regular paper bag, the paper is in a luxury bag of stronger quality.

You can have the bag designed exactly as you want. We can supply several different combinations of handles and pressure quality.

Did you know that we have a design department that can help you create exactly the look you want? We can also help you with a 3D design of your desired layout so you see it before you approve for print.

A luxury bag can have many different functions. In addition to the obvious, the bag can also serve as a nice gift bag or a nice packaging for your product.

Ask your salesperson about what options there are for exactly your product and wants.

The extra details


Did you know that you can also buy a rain cover for your luxury bag? It makes it possible to use the bag several times and at the same time it also protects the product that is in the luxury bag.

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